Justice versus blood money!

Why is blood cheaper than money in the streets of Kashmir

Rayees Ganie
January 20, 2017 OPINION 774 Views

Thousands of people have died in conflict ridden Jammu and Kashmir over the years, and turmoil turned the deadliest during the last six months unrest. Mass movements were created to voice Kashmir’s disputes and grievances with the Indian government, but it only echoed in the valley unanswered. Bullets pierced the young ones bosom; pellets answered the far cry of the rebellions, the situation of Kashmir is been manipulated by both the Indian government as well as state political parties, who have been using people as scapegoats or shields for their vested interests and anarchical posts. Perhaps, Kashmir is in an anarchical strife and caged in state sponsored terrorism and harboured into an inter border conflict between India and Pakistan, that can pose the greatest threats for stability of two nuclear blocks in south Asia at any time.
On, Monday 16th January, amid chaos and uproars in state legislative assembly session, the anarchical head Mehbooba Mufti, Chief Minister of our turbulent state announced to bring relief for the people of Kashmir who suffered loss of vision from the pellet shooting during the last summer unrest in the valley, after the death of Burhan Muzafar wani, which turned indefinite nationwide protest against the occupational hazards, that claimed hundreds of innocent lives and sparked a new agitation wave among Kashmiri’s. After crumbling the mass movement pellets guns could not silent and people get jailed and caged into barbed cells irrespective of age. Now the state government is really ready to take any relief initiatives which sounds hallow and fake. They also ready to make some titular policy for the betterment of people to deviate them from reasonable cause. In this paradigm, it is important to rethink and question the situation as responsible citizens, and invoke the youth towards betterment and help them shunned the fake policies which keep them mute. If we recap the horrific picture of last six months unrest how people were being ruthlessly murdered and showering of pellets and bullets tells itself its own woeful story. Dreams of one hundred families were gutted down forever, number of young people lost vision, and thousands of people got injured by armed forces. (“Let my country awake…!”)
The CM, also assured to compensate the loss of lives, an ex gratia relief of 5 lakh rupees each to the nearest kin to those who unfortunately killed in her regime, and also provide jobs for those victims who lost their vision to pellets fired by the armed forces. Being the citizens of the country one have to get all the protections from the government rather than offering money for death. And this is becoming a hub of suppression in the country to kill and compensate. Did anyone is concerned to ask whether the kin of the dead is ready to take ex- gratia relief by govt rather than justice.
The killing of people in Kashmir by Indian forces is enjoying its virtually unanimous support by PDP-BJP coalition Govt. When the opposition parties like National conference and Congress condemned the situation is well understood as they are in opposition parties and their political interest demand such a step. But in their regimes through the previous years they also bloodied their hands with innocent people of 2010 unrest. More than 27 years conflict and human rights violation in Kashmir is on peak. The investigation teams and fast track courts were setup by Govt, terming the magisterial inquiry as an eye wash and putting salt on the wounds of victims of family, people alleges that history of Kashmir witnessed that not a single armed personnel was punished till date. Mehbooba’s healing touch: free education, jobs to pellet victims is seemingly a callous approach to mobilize masses and obscures them to prevent from civilian rights. Later Mehbooba also announced that her government will provide special arrangement where affected students can study in Delhi and other peaceful states. How can one assure the safety of students outside Kashmir when they have been faced seditious charges already, though the kashmiri students flocking to other states to breathe life, it’s unfortunate to know that already there were coffins sent back home by Indian universities and colleges. Since the BJP-PDP coalition government, headed by Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti, is torn by rifts. Since she is lacking qualities of a political leader. And when two parties cannot take decisions amicably the state falls into quagmire. Both parties have different perspectives and ideologies which brought Mehbooba into labyrinth of darkness. In this paradigm she can’t survive as healthy politician until she resigns from CM, chair.
This is evident enough in our day-to-day life, of inequities or subjugations from which we suffer and have good reasons to resent and retaliate, this is a common human situation when it comes to diagnose and oppose injustice even in the wider world in which we live. However the central point in dealing with this question is how Mehbooba would draws justice among the victims in a time bond manner. Perhaps it seems a distant dream for survivors to have any hope from this puppet Govt, as people are already tired of knocking the doors of justice through decades. How would the state draw justice when people were pooled in blood. And young children were blinded and pushed into darkness. The lights of their eyes were snatched with non lethal tactics that dragged them into unfathomed abyss. These kinds of a crime which amounting to murder, but it cannot be proved since the people involved are living and there were no lethal weapons are used to kill the victim. She seems to be a person either could take the mantle or lead a conflict ridden country to peace. Even she could not stop the pellet shots or the barking guns of the Indian army.
Now it’s up to people of Kashmir and victims, to react on blood money and justice. If somebody will accept this money, the money from the death of a person is always have a tag of pain, using this money become an overburden for old parents and the kin.
In countries where innocent people are dying, the leaders are following their blood rather than their brains. Nelson Mandela.

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