Kashmir: Dr Mehfooza passes away

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August 16, 2018 BREAKING NEWS 702 Views
Kashmir: Dr Mehfooza passes away

Dr Mehfooza, daughter of renowned businessman Abdul Rashid Sheikh of Dangiwachi  Yarbug  passed away on Wednesday  after a brief illness. The deceased was the wife of Dr Zubair Ahmad. She was refereed from Srinagar to New Delhi for treatment where she died due to illness. The deceased was laid to rest at ancestral graveyard of her in-laws at Anantnag.

She was one of the renowned doctors who was going through her medical training at Hyderabad.

Dr Mehfooza  was known for her service to the patients particularly to the downtrodden section of the society.  Her death has descended a pal of gloom in the entire area of Dangiwachi and Anantnag. People from different walks for life visited her residence at Dangiwacha and Anantnag to console her family.

Her Chahrum will be observed both at Dangiwachi and Anantang on Sunday.

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