Kashmir Inc terms Modi’s remarks on Kashmir futile

August 10, 2016 CITY 293 Views

The Kashmir Chamber of Commerce and Industry in a special meeting reacted strongly to the statement of the Prime Minister of India on Kashmir. The Kashmir Chamber termed the statement as a futile attempt at underplaying the ongoing struggle in the State. To connect the 70 year old struggle for freedom and liberty of the people of this State with development and livelihood issues is indicative of the delusion that the Indian State seems to be suffering from. The present turmoil draws sustenance from the unconditional support of all the peace-loving people of this State and cannot– by any stretch of imagination – be termed as the handiwork of a “handful of misguided elements ”. It was sad that the Prime Minister had no words of sympathy for the innocents killed, blinded, disfigured and maimed during the past one month. The brutality with which children, women and teenagers have been attacked have found no mention in the Prime Minister’s remarks.
The reported statement of Ms Mehbooba Mufti according to which she has termed the present turmoil as “HullaGulla” was also unanimously condemned. The Kashmir Chamber of Commerce and Industry termed the statement as insensitive and inappropriate.
The Kashmir Chamber also expressed surprise at the statement of the Director General of Police assuring protection to shopkeepers. The statement is aimed at dividing the business community of the State. The business community, including the shopkeepers is fully supporting the ongoing phase of the struggle and out rightly reject such statements and offers.

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