Kashmir: Lalpora villagers deny media reports

BK Online Srinagar
December 14, 2018 BREAKING NEWS 102 Views

A group of villagers from Lalpora, Kupwara have strongly denied a news report published in a section of press on December 14, accusing them of grabbing government land.
The villagers Ghulam Muhammad Bhat, Ab Khaliq Bhat, Ab Karim Bhat, Wali Bhat , Gh Qadir Bhat and Muhammad Abdullah Ganie said the government sold the said land to them in 1965.
They accused a local scribe of misleading the government and the people by filing false reports in newspapers.
The villagers said any attempt to evict them forcibly from the said land shall have disastrous consequences.
They added that a case regarding the said land was pending adjudication in a local court. “The case is sub-judice and nobody, therefore, shall issue statements that may influence the court,” they made clear.

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