Kashmir safer for senior citizens, but ‘unsafe’ for children

Abid Hussain/Srinagar
January 14, 2018 TOP STORIES 238 Views
Kashmir safer for senior citizens, but ‘unsafe’ for children

Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) has emerged as the safest place for senior citizens, whereas the state is vulnerable to juveniles, the data from ‘Crime in India’ report released by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) 2016 has revealed.
An annual report of NCRB in its 64th edition showed no crime was committed against senior citizens in J&K, while against children 222 cases were reported in 2016.
As per statistical data, J&K is the only state which for three consecutive years remained safe for elderly persons. From 2014-2016 no crime took place against old-aged in the state.
Muslim majority state ranked top with no crime against elder people, followed by Uttarakhand and Meghalaya with one and two cases of crime respectively.
Maharashtra with 4694 cases topped the list of unsafe states for elderly followed by Madhya Pradesh with 3877 incidents and Tamil Nadu with 2895.
Across India, 21410 crimes were recorded in 2016 against old-aged.
Significantly, in cases of child abuse, J&K witnessed decrease from 308 in 2015, however the state recorded slight spike from 211 in 2014 to 222 in 2016.
Though crime against children in J&K in comparison to most states is lesser but the figures released by NCRB are disturbing.
The data revealed that five children were murdered, 25 sexually assaulted, and 167 kidnapped also five unnatural offenses against juveniles were reported in J&K.
The J&K fared poorly than five Northeast Indian states including Nagaland, Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, and Mizoram with 78, 110, 133, 134 and 188 cases of child abuse respectively in 2016.
According to the NCRB data, 106958 cases of child abuse were reported across India. The two most populous states including Uttar Pradesh with 16079 and Maharashtra with 14559 topped the list.

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