Kashmir sees no end to power woes

BK Correspondent/Srinagar
November 13, 2017 0 Comments STATE 138 Views
Kashmir sees no end to power woes

Ahead of the Chillai Kalan- the 40 day harsh winter period, the valley has plunged into darkness which is leaving the people to face immense inconveniences.
While most of the areas in rural Kashmir are facing acute power woes, the Srinagar city and other major towns’ also narrate a similar story. Somewhere people hold protests and get the police beating and somewhere the agitated locals locked the PDD offices.
“Every day the government claims that this power project and that power project have been started. Where is that electricity? Where does it go? We are paying huge tariffs, but still we are left in darkness,” the locals say.
If the poor power scenario continues, the situation may worse further and may compel people to take to the streets.
The student community is the worst hit. The students, who are writing exams these days, said this pesky power supply had badly affected their studies. “How can we prepare when there is no electricity? We can’t study under the candle for whole night or long hours,” says Aiman Manzoor, a class 10th student.
Furthermore, not only the erratic power supply has left people reeling under darkness, but the floodlights installed at several places in the summer capital are also non-operational making it quite risky for the commuters.
Chief engineer, PDD Shahnaz Goni said that the government has imposed ban on crude boilers, microme coils and heating devices in Srinagar city. “I hope it will help to solve the crisis,” she said.

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