Kashmir: Talks apart, hard line on militancy to continue

BK Online/ Srinagar
November 22, 2017 BREAKING NEWS 242 Views
Kashmir: Talks apart, hard line on militancy to continue

The NDA government will continue with its hardline approach to proactively go after militants and all their sympathisers in Jammu & Kashmir, while “dominating” the Line of Control with retaliatory fire assaults to deter infiltration and impose punitive costs across the border, despite a special representative’s appointment for “sustained dialogue” with all stakeholders in the state.
“The special representative’s appointment to open the dialogue process to remove apprehensions and misconceptions among the common people as well as other humanitarian measures do not mean the government is going soft. Militants will continue to be hit hard to ensure the rule of law prevails in J&K,” said a source. But only time will tell whether this “hard-soft” strategy actually yields dividends on the ground in J&K, given that an embattled chief minister Mehbooba Mufti continues to face protests, alienation among the youth still runs high and the Kashmiri separatist leadership has so far refused to meet the interlocutor.
The government, however, feels confident the situation will turn the corner in the coming months. For one, there is a significant jump in information flowing from common people about the presence and movement of terrorists in the state.
For another, there is disarray among militant ranks, with as many as 25 top commanders being killed this year.(ToI)

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