Kashmiri youth given Rs. 500 each for stone pelting: Nirmal Singh

BK Web Desk/Srinagar
May 21, 2017 BREAKING NEWS 407 Views

Following the National Investigation Agency (NIA) probe on Kashmir separatists over Pakistan funding allegations, Jammu and Kashmir Deputy Chief Minister Nirmal Singh today asserted that the youth are paid Rs 500 each for pelting stones in the Valley.

Singh said, “As Pakistan has failed four times in direct wars, so they are investing in such means, whether its hawala money or fake money through these leaders who claim to be the representatives of Kashmiris. But in actual they are traitors using Kashmiri people. The young boys are given Rs 500 to pelt stones.”

However, he assured that the government is maintaining a hawk-eye on the situation and will take strict action as per the law.

The NIA on Saturday questioned Kashmir separatist leader Ahmad Dar, Nayeem Khan and Ghazi Javed Baba, who have been accused of receiving money from Pakistan to create unrest in Kashmir.

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