Kashmiris display rich cultural ethnicity, spirit in USA

Holds multiple programmes to enthrall audience

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July 18, 2018 BREAKING NEWS 176 Views
Kashmiris display rich cultural ethnicity, spirit in USA

A unique event was held by Kashmiri Group of North America (KGNA) to display Kashmiri culture and spirit overseas.
Attended by over 500 Kashmiris, the event which primarily focused to promote community spirit valleyites was held at different place including Los Angeles and Long Beach California.
The programme with multiples themes started a debate session which focused on topics like ‘Is independence possible for Kashmir?’, ‘Is it important to marry within the community?’ and ‘Has the Kashmiri American community done enough?’.
On the occasion Kashmiri poet Madhosh Balhami’s video recorded poems were shown at the event which was graced by Farooq Kathwari, the CEO of Ethan Allen and Zaffar Abbas.
Scores of the business outlet owners like Kashmir Box, Koshur Wear, Kashweave Fashion, Trumbu Crafts and non-profit organizations like Kashmir Education Initiative, Revive Kashmir, Chinar and Kashmir American Humane Society and KASHMER were present during the event.
The USP of the event was the Arshid Mushtq’s comic play‘Bea Chus Shahid – I am the witness’, was played by Nahida Nazir, who is a Los Angeles based doctor and actor.
The play focused on creating a narrative around the ‘contemporary reality which created a sense of disengagement towards the present’, and on holding on to the history of Kashmir. For the event, the play was adapted by Arshad Mushtaq and Nahida Nazir.
Women of the community performed Rouf, the Kashmiri classical dance.
The event also included the launch of books, “Resisting Occupation in Kashmir” by Haley Duschinski, Mona Bhan, Ather Zia and Cynthia Mahmood, and a seperate book authored by Daisy Khan.
Wajahat Dedmari, one of the speakers at the cultural event highlighted the need for preserving culture by saying “if you have to kill a nation take away their language, culture will follow, so will the country.”
Kashmiri Gathering of North America (KGNA), now called Kashmiri Group of North America, was started by Tahir Qazi and Wajahat Qureshi in 2016 in an attempt to revive culture, tradition, community, heritage, specifically for the Kashmiri American community. The idea behind the gathering was to create a non-profit impact on the teenagers and children and to upheld the traditions of the conflict-stricken place.
The executive board of KGNA comprising of 13 individuals, including Tahir Qazi as President, Samina Qazi as President Elect, Manejeh Yaqub as the Secretary, Manzoor Mir as Treasurer, Marina Sofi as Marketing Lead and Yamin Fazili as Technical Support organized the event with an army of volunteers ranging from hospitality to fundraising to event management.

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