Kashmiriyat outlives

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Kashmiriyat outlives

With the killing of Amarnath yatri killings, there was a lot of hue and cry over the issue. People came out protesting and condemning the act by the suspected militants. There was a profound symbolic significance when a small gathering of civil society groups hit the streets to condemn the killings of over seven Amarnath yatris in South Kashmir. The participants who comprised members of businesses, cultural and civil liberties groups wanted to put three messages across. Secondly, they wanted an impartial probe into the incident, preferably by United Nations Human Rights Commission, which could reveal the identity of the perpetrators. Thirdly they wanted to send a message to the people across the country that while they were condemning the massacre of yatris why was Indian civil society watching impassively the civilian killings and blindings in Kashmir. While people were still mourning the killings, another tragedy stuck in which nearly 17 yatris were killed. The placards rubbed this message in: “Kashmiris condemn the killings of yatris. Do Indians condemn killings of Kashmiris”. Or that “all lives are valuable”. “Killings are neither Hindu nor Muslim”. “Silence is criminal”. Speaking on the occasion the convenor of Coalition of Civil Society Khurram Parvez said Kashmiris are not selective in their condemnation of the civilian killings. “We are united on this. But the question is whether people in India are united in their condemnation of the civilian killings in Kashmir. They are not,” Khurram said. He too demanded an investigation into the incident to expose the identity of those behind the carnage as this alone will build deterrence against such killings in future. Others like the academician and the former Vice Chancellor Siddiq Wahid who spoke on the occasion said the killings of Yatris had saddened all Kashmiris. He too highlighted the element of ambiguity about such killings in Kashmir. One important point brought to light by the civil society members besides their welcome unequivocal condemnation of the tragic incident was that it has never been transparently known in Kashmir who the perpetrators of many a carnage are. This has created a situation where all the potential parties to a crime deny their role and blame each other leaving people confused. The situation continues like this until carnage takes place and a similar blame game resumes. It is thus very important that there should be a transparent way of knowing who the perpetrators are. It is a historical fact that probes in Kashmir san probity and the commissions and SITs constituted by the government don’t carry credibility because of its functioning and working. With the layer of conflicts and chaos happenings in Kashmir, this kind of situation always creates a vicious cycle. Let there be an end to the cycle of violence and the peace process begin.

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