Kerosene dealers shocked over reduction in monthly quota

November 30, 2016 STATE 299 Views

Kashmir Valley Retailer Kerosene Dealers (KVRKD) on Monday said that the union government has reduced the monthly Kerosene quota for Kashmir to 28 lakh liters, which came as shock to them.
Addressing a presser here, the association said that since 2014, the union government is being reducing the monthly kerosene quota for the winter block. “GoI has reduced the monthly quota from 61 lakh liters to 28 lakh liters,” they said.
“Up to 2013 winter, Kashmir received at least 61 lakh liters of Kerosene per month. The same was reduced to 41 lakh liters per month in 2015 winter,” they informed, adding that this year the Union ministry concerned has further reduced it to 28 lakh liters per month which has come as a shock to them.
They said that the quota has been reduced despite the fact that Kashmir Valley depends on Kerosene owing to the power cuts and shortage of electricity.
The association said that following the reduction in kerosene quota, the state government also failed to help them in this regard.
“The union as well as the state government is leaving the people associated with the business to starvation. We have quote apprehensions that sooner or later, the union government will reduce the monthly ration quota for winter block to Zero liters,” they said.
They said that at least 2,500 including 450 of Srinagar retailers in Kashmir valley are associated with this business. However, the government is leaving their families to suffer.
They appealed both central and state government to look into the issue and fulfill their demands at earliest.

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