KVIC Function for distribution of bee colony boxes to locals under op Sadbhavana

BK Business Desk/Srinagar
June 13, 2018 BUSINESS 145 Views

Vajr Division as part of Chinar Corps of Indian Army has always been committed towards the Awaam of the region. Well being, upliftment and development of local population has always been a key goal of the Sadbhavana initiatives by the Division. The project for distribution of bee-colony boxes to the rural people of the area has been undertaken with an aim to provide employment, earnings and self reliance for the people of Kupwara and other backward areas under the Govt initiative of ‘Sweet Revolution’ by KVIC.
The beneficiaries belong to remote areas mostly near the line of control with less infrastructure and limited scope for self employment. Indian Army has a huge connect with the people dwelling in such border areas. Army has been facilitating the people to participate in such schemes and extended them a helping hand through the process and also by providing some support through Sadhbhavana towards the initial investment. Bee-keeping project is a new sphere with great potential to improve the employment for our local youth. There are numerous other projects being worked upon by the Army so that maximum people of the area are benefitted. We run a number of Army Goodwill Schools, Youth Centre, organising Medical Camps, NSDC Skill programmes, Women empowerment projects like “Murawat Kashmiri Arts”, the self help group. Youth must come forward and grab these opportunities.
The Awaam and the Army have a deep-rooted relationship. “We have mutual interdependence and trust and we want our brothers and sisters in the complete Kupwara region to prosper many folds in times to come”. said Maj Gen C Bansi Ponnappa, VSM.

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