Lack of adequate light sources inside SPS museum leave visitors miffed

April 17, 2018 CITY 104 Views

Lack of adequate light sources within the Sri Pratap Singh (SPS) museum at Lal Mandi, is leaving the art lovers miffing, which the authorities also believe was reason for receiving less visitors.
Due to its absence, the museum which is one of the city’s major attractions on an average sees only around 30-40 visitors daily.
“This is a prestigious institute, there has to be uninterrupted electricity. Definitely, the museum has a generator, but how feasible it is to start it every time there’s a visitor? Not practical enough, right?” a senior official wishing anonymity said.
“And due to winter, on an average, the museum has only about 1,000 visitors per month,” the official added.
The museum had sent a letter to the Power Development Department (PDD) requesting a special electricity line, but as per the official, there has been no reply from their end.
“Lal Ded Hospital has a special line. A number of other government institutes, too, have this privilege. Even those stores at Residency Road have a continuous power supply, but we do not,” said the official.
However, an official denied the allegation, saying, “The museum cannot afford to meet the estimate given by the department”.
“It’s a false claim. They had requested a special electricity line to which we had sent the estimate back in 2016,” he said.
“Why wouldn’t we provide a special line if asked for? The museum cannot afford it, how is that our fault?”
As per another official of the SPS museum, there is a shortage of manpower as well.
“At present, there are nearly 25 staffers looking after the entire museum, 75 less than the requirement,” he said.
“The shortage is such that one person has to take the responsibility of multiple things. The museum has CCTV facility, but there’s no staff assigned to operate it,” revealed an official.
“There was a time when there was only one sweeper for the entire museum. Imagine his plight? Glad that’s not the scene now,” the official added.
Also, the continuous construction makes the official “curious”.
“I don’t understand the reason behind this continuous construction. What could be the reason? They construct a floor, and then they dismantle it, and again they start its construction. Why do they do that?” said the official.
The museum has a surface area of one lakh square feet. A hefty amount of Rs 65 crore was sanctioned by the government for its reconstruction.
The work on the new complex had begun in 2008, which went on till 2016.
“I don’t know when this construction will have a total end,” the official said.

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