Lack of public toilets in Srinagar irks locals, tourists

Bk correspondent/Srinagar
July 15, 2017 CITY 273 Views

With state government is planning to convert Srinagar in smart city, the summer capital lacks adequate public toilets, which is leaving the people to various inconveniences.
The city which has a population of over 12 lakh, has a few public toilets in the city centre.
People claim that despite several reminders to the authorities their leas have not been addressed.
Suhail Ahmad a student a S P college said, “Despite being a commercial hub, there are hardly any public toilet in the city. A city that boasts of being the paradise on earth, lacks basic amenities like public toilets. Whatever few public toilets are available, they are in such a deplorable and unhygienic condition that a person is forced to exudate in open. It is a shame.”
Sajad Ahamd a trader at Lal Chowk said, “Public toilets are a major contributory factor to the development of a city. They do not drain a city’s resources but are a reflection of civic pride and modernity. Clean toilets raise the quality of an area. It is important to raise awareness about the importance of using toilets among the public.”
The lack of the toilets is equally annonying the women folk, who don’t have separate taoilets for them at many places in the city.
“Women, in particular, are suffering because of the lack of this necessity in our city. Toilets are as essential as food for humans. Sadly, no government has ever paid any attention towards this basic need. Public toilets should be given as much importance as building roads. People too can contribute to the general good and collectively build toilets at various location for the public to use,” said Nasreena, a student.
For tourists, it has become the biggest nuisance, who had to search for hotels in case of emergency.
“Public toilets are a must for every city. They must be located in open, accessible locations with good signage. Especially in places like markets and bus stops, toilets are a must. We have been visiting Srinagar from last many years but the government had constructed only few washrooms here,” Sushmit Gosh,a tourist from West Bengal said.

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