Let’s rise as one to meet challenges confronting JK: Mehbooba

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July 28, 2016 BREAKING NEWS 342 Views

Chief Minister, Ms Mehbooba Mufti today called for finding lasting solution to the problems confronting Jammu and Kashmir to make peace a reality in the State and the region. She at the same time denounced the senseless violence perpetuated on the streets in Kashmir which she said results in colossal human and economic loss for the Kashmiris.

 “Let us rise as one to meet the challenges confronting Jammu and Kashmir and make this a turning point in the State’s turbulent history so that our future generations have not to suffer the miseries of violence and bloodshed,” Ms Mehbooba, who is also the President of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), said while addressing a function at the party headquarters here organized to commemorate the 17th Foundation Day of PDP.
 Expressing grief over the loss of precious lives in prevailing law and order situation, Ms Mehbooba said the violence is doing incalculable damage to the image of State as also to its vital economic and social interests including tourism and education. She hailed the humanitarianism of the people including the doctors, the paramedical staff, the employees and the community relief organizations in reaching out to the needy amid trying circumstances.
 Calling for introspection, Ms Mehbooba said the people have to ponder over why such horrible situations always crop up in Kashmir when the economic activity starts picking up as had happened this summer with encouraging tourist arrivals. “There seems to be larger design behind such orchestrated eruptions to push Kashmiris into perpetual economic deprivation and social disorder,” she said and added that Kashmiris are made to pay a huge price by way of their life and livelihood in each such cycle of violence. She said it has been observed time and again that such hideous situations have only hurt the interests of Kashmiris the most. “We have to think over it that how long it is going to be like that for the hapless people here,” she asked.
 The Chief Minister called upon the country’s political leadership especially the Prime Minister, Mr Narendra Modi to make a renewed effort towards the resolution of J&K’s problems by engaging all the stakeholders. “I am sure the country’s political leadership will pick up the threads and carry forward the reconciliation and resolution process started by Atal Bihari Vajpayee in 2003,” she said and emphasized the need for taking concrete steps to win hearts and minds of the people of Jammu and Kashmir.
 Ms Mehbooba said the PDP-led government had in 2002 sparked political, economic and social activity on a phenomenal scale in Jammu & Kashmir facilitating complete transformation of the ground situation. “Although most of the political pundits, at that time, viewed and dismissed the PDP’s enterprise and act of hope with skepticism and ridicule, but the party discerned the imperatives of the history and stood like a rock against the winds and waves of various hostile forces,” she said and added that responding to the people’s innermost yearning for peace with dignity, PDP crusaded the policy of repairing their hurt psyche, salvaging their bruised dignity, kindling a new hope in their hearts and motivating them to mould their destiny through a participatory political process. “The result was there for all to behold,” she said and added that fortunately, the country’s leadership, at that time, also understood and appreciated this rejuvenating and hopeful political transformation in the State and responded in good measure through substantive CBMs.

Ms Mehbooba said despite ideological and political divergencies, PDP joined hands with BJP to provide a broad-based political platform to the people in all the regions and sub-regions of the State. “With the objective of ensuring larger political reconciliation in the State, the intricate issues, which have all along been used for political exploitation and electoral politics, have been taken care of in our ‘Agenda of Alliance’ with BJP,” she said and added that the PDP’s agenda is not event-related and it is a process which is being and would be taken to the logical conclusion through tangible initiatives at political, economic and administrative fronts. “We have demonstrated that during our brief stint in power between 2002 and 2005, and would continue to pursue our core ideals with unflinching consistency in our present tenure in the Government,” she said.

Recognizing the momentous problems the State’s youth are confronted with, Ms Mehbooba said PDP is making a modest effort of devising a comprehensive policy for them incorporating both social and job security. “The problems of our youth are many and varied and their aspirations naturally high,” she said and added that PDP would try to address these problems in the right earnest.

Expressing satisfaction at the steady growth of PDP, as a platform for change, Ms Mehbooba said the credit goes to the disciplined, dedicated and ideologically motivated cadre of the party and people living in all regions of the state. “On this occasion my message to the people and party workers is the message of hope, of deliverance, of human dignity and respect and of a optimistic morning that awaits us all,” she said and added that the Government will reach out to the people affected by the present law and order situation and try to mitigate their sufferings.

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