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Lies on Air

“Suno Sunao, Life Banao” the famous slogan of India’s widely heard radio channel 92.7 Big FM has not been able to inspire many in Kashmir, reason are pretty clear. As many people believe that the channel was spreading “vulgarity in society” on the pretext of “infotainment.” The private public broadcast channel has become the medium of “vulgarity,” where young boys and girls openly called to dedicate love songs to each other without any sense of belonging to social, cultural and religious ethnicity. We are not angreez (English) to do things out of box. Kashmir has its own social and cultural ethos. The programs that are being aired on this channel are disgraceful. We must adhere to our religious doctrine. There are no Kashmiri songs played on the FM and it has completely become the ‘Bollywood Masala’ channel without taking due consideration of the likings of locals. If you go happen to go to Bangalore or any other southern state, ninety per cent songs played on FM’s are in their native language. They have kept their language and music alive. In Kashmir, this channel discourages Kashmiri song being played on the Big FM on prime time slots. There must be at least two to three hours specifically dedicated for Kashmiri songs on the channel to keep the culture of Kashmir intact. If we don’t cherish our culture and tradition, our existence will vanish. We would no longer have our own identity. Our next generation needs to know their roots. It was an irony that Kashmiri people feel embarrassed to speak in their native language. We have to distinguish between entertainment and immorality. Just for the sake of entertainment people cannot go vulgar. Kashmiri people have their own self-respect and it should be preserved. Radio and Television are the wonders of this world that God has bestowed on humanity and it should be utilized for the benefits of human kind. Using it as a tool of spreading waywardness is a sin. In 2012, having noticed instances where objectionable and vulgar content was being broadcast on private FM Radio channels, the Information and Broadcasting ministry has asked them to ensure that the programmes were clean and the language of jockeys decent. 92.7 Big FM RJ’s have been doing disaster to the both languages like Urdu and Kashmiri. If u have ever listened to that radio station you will easily make it out the incorrect usage of words their RJ’s use. They pronounce ‘soch’ (think) as ‘sonch’ which is incorrect. Stop spreading lies an d doing mockery of Urdu language forget about Kashmiri.

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