Main gate of SSH turns into hoarding site, shut since past ‘six’ months

Even Ambulances diverted to back side parking

Paramveer Singh/Jammu
February 13, 2017 TOP STORIES 366 Views
Main gate of SSH turns into hoarding site, shut since past ‘six’ months

In an apparent ‘sycophant’ approach adopted by the management of Super Specialty Hospital (SSH) Jammu, the main front gate of the hospital has been kept shut since past six months and to appease the concerned minister, the gate is being utilized as ‘hoarding’ site.
The management of the hospital, especially medical superintendent has turned the main front gate of the hospital into advertising site, wherein two ‘Life-Size’ posters of health minister-Bali Bhagat has been erected.
“The level of sycophancy in Jammu hospitals could be gauged from the fact that the hospital administration works to appease the concerned minister,” said senior doctor, adding that the walls and main gate of the hospital were earlier dedicated to the previous health ministers.
The senior doctor said that the closure of main front gate is not only causing inconvenience to the patients, but the doctors and other staff is also puzzled over this approach of the management.
“This is premier hospital of the region, which caters to huge population, but keeping front gate shut like this could compound problems of the patients,” he said and added that many times patients are being seen walking with difficulty from main gate to concerned ward.
However, doctor alleged that the management is following this suit for multiple purposes, which included appeasing the minister and to patronage the contractor who is all set to get contract for the proposed parking space.
When contacted Medical Superintendent of the hospital-Dr Manoj Chalotra said, ‘he has no time to respond to the query.’
“I do not have time to respond to the query. If you want to talk come to my office will sit together on tea,” said Dr Chalotra.
Meanwhile, Health Minister-Bali Bhagat and Minister of State for Health-Asieya Naqash did not respond to the repeated phone calls.

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