Mobile Mania

Tariq Mantoo
August 7, 2017 OPINION 419 Views
Mobile Mania

The world is changing and going on a fast speed. It seems that everything needs to be mobile in order to cope up with the race. The world is moving very fast everyone is in the age of competition, there is a throat cut contest everywhere. Mobile phone has become the essential part of our life. Mobile the fastest and easiest way of communication. The most advantage of having a mobile one can easily communicate with family and friends. A mobile phone has definitely come handy in our daily pursuits and there has been phenomenal growth of cell phones in the valley of Kashmir from the past couple of years. It made the communication very easy and certainly is of great use to everyone. The world is now a day on our finger prints. In fact cell phones have occupied an important place in our pockets. Although it is great use of students also, but it can have a dark effect on the life of students like indulging in games,songs,chatting,using in classrooms ,viewing porn images and videos and other such bad uses. Students are mostly using the cell phones during the class hours diverging their mind from studies. Teenagers are totally addicted to cell phones resulting into various diseases like impaired vision. It can also lead to psychological disorder in some cases. Students who constantly using cell phones have a greater chance of getting brain cancer. These cell phones release many types of radiations and most of them can cause dreadful disease called tumor. WHO have already warning that these radiations are carcinogenic to humans and other animals. I have seen many people using cell phones during driving time as a result accidents rate increasing day by day. Today youth is totally out of wits and crazy about selfies.We can call it selfie addiction in young generation and many people die while taking selfie.Cell phones also have a bad effect on our environment, it contains a bio-accumulate metal which become toxic over a period of time. I have seen many of my friends buying more expensive mobiles only for a fashion now days. Misuse of cell phones should be stopped before any damage is done to our future generation.

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