Modi’s ‘Mann Ki Baat’

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Modi’s ‘Mann Ki Baat’

Prime Minister, Narendra Modi said “Ekta” (unity) and “Mamata” (love) are the basic mantras for addressing Kashmir problem, emphasizing that if any life is lost in the valley, “whether of any youth or any security man, that loss is ours, of our own country”. This was the speech mixed with as usual rhetoric by the PM.  While spilling the beans on the unrest in the valley in his monthly radio programme ‘Mann Ki Baat’, Modi said “from the interactions I had with all parties on Kashmir, one thing emerged from those, which can be put in simple words as ‘Ekta’ and ‘Mamata’. These two things were the basic mantra.” Some of the opposition political parties including some members from the National Conference welcomed Modi’s mention of Kashmir in his radio talk. Former chief Minister and National Conference Working President, Omar Abdullah too lauded Modi for his speech. However there was a sharp reaction from the joint resistance camp. DeM chairperson, Asieya Andrabi alleged that “in actuality he meant that all the Indian mainstream politicians and their stooges have to come together to crush the ongoing resistance movement and to extend the illegal occupation of JK as long as they can.” This is too little too late Mr Prime Minster. Just mentioning of Kashmir and the ongoing unrest in a radio programme doesn’t make any strong impact on the situation across Kashmir. There was a greater need to understand the situation and act positively. The crisis-hit Kashmir valley needs a breather at the movement. There are no more protest calendars issued by the joint Hurriyat camp and the Mehobboa Mufti led PDP-BJP government too has got ample time to act and treat the situation in an utmost professional and political way. Some pro-freedom politicians see the statement in differently. “This statement clarifies the fact that it is India’s national policy to continuously keep occupying JK illegally,” some of the pro-freedom politicians opined. While PM Modi believes that It was the view of all Indians, the view of 125 crore people from a pradhan of a village to the Prime Minister, that if any life is lost in Kashmir, whether of any youth or any securityman, that loss is ours, our own country. Modi will have to prove this beyond words and statements.

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