Mother Tongue

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Mother Tongue

 Mother tongue brings clarity to the unclear thoughts, this is how it goes when you speak in your native language. You speak, you connect and make it clear and clear. Very recently, the Jammu and Kashmir Government in an impressive move, made Kashmiri, Bodhi and Dogri languages compulsory for 9th and 10th classes in the areas where these languages are spoken as mother tongue. The Government says that three regional languages will be treated as compulsory sixth subject for class 9 from academic session 2018-19 and for class 10 from 2019-20 in all government-run and recognized private schools of the state. The Government’s decision has been widely hailed by cultural and literary organizations. People have been expressing concern about the future of Kashmiri language in the face of its declining use in homes and offices. The demand for its safeguard has received impetus in recent years. Some encouraging steps have also been taken, but much more needs to be done to arrest further decline of our mother tongue. Lack of political will has been the main impediment in the implementation of measures for promoting the language. However, civil society cannot be absolved of the responsibility.  The need of the hour is to go beyond speeches and resolutions and actively campaign for the cause. Collective efforts can go a long way in securing due recognition for our mother tongue. At home, parents should encourage their children to learn and speak Kashmiri and at school, teaching of the language should be strictly followed. Popularization of the language can also be achieved by using Kashmiri in hoardings and name boards. Using Kashmiri language in media awareness campaigns on various public welfare issues can ensure wider and more effective dissemination. The experts here opine that the government here must follow the footsteps of South Indian states like Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh which have accorded priority to respective their languages without losing out on development in any sector. The government should step in by framing a comprehensive policy for the conservation of Kashmiri. The literary and cultural organisation should also continue with their efforts to promote the language. The valley is blessed with some of the most versatile Kashmiri writers. The prose and poetry works in the language also need to be promoted to encourage more and more people to write in their mother tongue. Language is part of our identity which needs to be safeguarded for posterity.  Literary and cultural organisations like Adbi Markaz Kamraz have been demanding practical steps in this regard like inclusion of the language in educational institutions. AMK’s fight for giving regional languages, especially Kashmiri, of the State its due must be hailed by the general public.

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