Mounting Militancy

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Mounting Militancy

The incidents of militancy have shown a sharp increase, particularly during the last over four months wherein the government is facing the worst uprising here. The attacks on military establishments, like the one at an army base in Nagrota in which 7 soldiers and 3 militants were killed, have become frequent. The lull in the militancy has been broken with the spate of militancy incidents, while the cross border skirmishes between India and Pakistan are on rise. There is hardly a day when the guns don’t boom at the borders. Since the surgical strikes which were carried out in September, the security scenario has only deteriorated. Over 300 incidents of ceasefire violations have been reported since the surgical strikes when army claimed to have crossed the border to smash down the militant launch-pads. The incidents have come at a time when the local support for militants has seen a sharp rise; it marks a new low in the India – Pakistan relations. The leaders of two countries have even gone to the extent of exchanging threats of full scale war, pitting the nuclear armed states in a worst form of combative situation. Both the countries have scaled down the diplomatic staff and the trade has also ebbed between the two sides. The language that is now being adopted by both the countries is acerbic in tone and all the efforts which were made earlier to achieve peace have been rendered waste. While at the diplomatic level the scenario is bad, at the local level there is a grave concern of young boys joining militant ranks in large numbers. There are estimates of 60 to 70 youth joining militancy and these reports have come when the forces have resorted to worst form of human rights violations. Government has not announced any probe even when the public accusations of rights violations have been grave. It needs to both check the incidents of human rights abuses by forces here and engage Pakistan and Hurriyat leadership in a credible dialogue process. There is also a dire need to address the alienation among local people with all seriousness of purpose. The security agencies need to exercise restraint, which was found lacking while dealing with the law and order scenario. There are also demands being put forth by even some mainstream leaders that the local youth who are languishing in jails should be set free. Such demands need to be heeded and measures should be taken to improve the security scenario.

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