Muslim Contribution to the World of Science

Tariq Mantoo
June 7, 2017 OPINION 348 Views

Seeking knowledge is obligatory in Islam for every Muslim. Our Holy Quran full of verses urging man to use his intellect, to deliberate to think and to know for the objective of human life is to ascertain the truth which can be achieved by recognizing and exploring the signs of God entirely in the universe. Hence it becomes obligatory for the Muslims to acquire knowledge. Knowledge a gift of God it will leads from glory to glory and strength to strength.It will bring the people close to Almighty Allaha. Knowledge is that very gold which illuminates our mind soul and body. The Muslims made innumerable discoveries and wrote countless books on various fields. They enlightened the world by their endless knowledge and made their mark, even in present days their remarkable work is considered as worth its weight in gold. The Islamic golden age is the era in the history of Islam, traditionally dated from 8th century to the 13th century, during which science, economic development and cultural works flourished. It is the Islam that carried the light of learning through so many centuries.Al-Quran, the main source of Islamic faith, is a book believed by Muslims, to be of completely divine origin. It contains guidance for all mankind. The Quran, however is not a book of science but a book of signs. These signs invite man to realize the purpose of his existence on the planet Earth. According to the famous scientist Albert Einstein, Science without religion is lame and religion without science is blind.Francis Bacon the famous Philosopher has rightly said a little knowledge of science makes you atheist but in-depth study of science makes you a believer in God. One cannot ignore the contribution of Muslims in the field of education from old to the modern times Muslims have burnt their mid night oil for the reformation of society. The two oldest universities that is Al-Zaytunah in Tunes and Al-azhar in Cairo still spreading the knowledge. Muslim have contributed in the field of Geography, Physics, Chemistry, Medicine, Mathematics, Botany and Astronomy. Algebra and the Arabic numericals were introduced to the world by Muslim scholars. In the field of Medicine Ibn-Sina better known to the west as Avicenna was a greatest physician until the modern times.Al-Razi the famous physician and scientist also contributed in the field of medicine. In the subject of chemistry no one can forget the name of Jabir bin Hayyan an alchemist known as father of chemistry. Muslim mathematicians excelled in geometry and it was the great Al-Biruni which established Trigonometry as a distinct branch of Mathematics. Many Muslims scientists also show great concerns towards the field of geography are Ibn-Khaldun and Ibn-Batuta.Tipu-Sultan of Mysore in the India was the innovator of the first war rocket. In the field of botany Al-Dinawari is considered the founder of botany for his six volume book kitab al Nabat (Book of plants) is still considered as backbone for the plant science. Abdul Qadeer Khan a Pakistani nuclear physicist who founded the Uranium enrichment program for Pakistani atom bomb project. He is really a national hero of Pakistan today the Pakistan is one of the emerging country because of his efforts.Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam was also a great scientist famously called the missile man of India. He worked on the development of ballistic missile and also played a role in India’s nuclear tests. Today however, the spirit of science in Muslim world is as dry as the desert. Muslims nations should must take up the steps forward in developing science and technology to catch up with the rest of world. Last but not least Our Prophet Muhammad(SAW) said, Love is my foundation, Devotion is my art, Sorrow is my companion, Science is my weapon, Prayer is my capital, Enthusiasm is my horse, Contentment is my booty.


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