‘Mysterious disease’ outbreak creates panic in north Kashmir’s Sopore

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August 16, 2018 BREAKING NEWS 694 Views
‘Mysterious disease’ outbreak creates panic in north Kashmir’s Sopore

The residents of Ningli and its adjoining villages in north Kashmir’s Sopore have been visiting hospitals near and far after the outbreak of a “mysterious disease”. More than 50 families in the village show symptoms of an illness which doctors say is a “minor infection”.

Reports reaching GNS said the villagers of Tarzoo, Ningli and its adjoining areas are finding it hard to tackle the “crisis” as more and more children, men and women are getting affected with the “mysterious disease”.

“We have been badly hit by this mysterious disease and authorities are not paying any heed towards our plight,” one of the victims Sara Begum told GNS.

The district administration has dispatched a team of doctors to the area to take stock of the situation but there was no confirmation about the nature of the disease. However, doctor present there told GNS that this is a “minor infection” which has hit the area.

“I have fallen ill since Wednesday evening. It started with headache and gradually developed into body ache and continuous vomiting. Though I consulted the doctors but they are yet to find out the reason,” another patient said.

Meanwhile, BMO Sopore Mohammad Sami told GNS that people need not panic. “It was just a case of infection,” he said.

“The whole area is being constantly monitored as there is nothing to worry as everything is under control,” the BMO added. (GNS)

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