Naeem wrote articles on Azadi on fake name of Iffat Khan:JKLF

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Double faced people who in 1990 for their own interest held whole Kashmiri nation hostage for 72 days should not talk of lengthy strike calls. Statistics showing enhancement in literacy rate after 1990 people’s revolution clearly shows what our freedom struggle has given to this nation especially in the field of education. There is no doubt about the fact that oppressive measures of India and its Kashmiri stooges are pushing our new generation to armed mode of resistance. This was stated by the chief spokesman of JKLF Muhammad Rafiq Dar while commenting upon the recent assertions by so-called education minister Naeem Akhtar.
Terming Naeem Akhtar statement as absurd and a clear sign of frustration, JKLF spokesman said that JKLF chairman Yasin Malik does not need the certificate of a double faced politician and party who claim to be the champions of human rights but from last 110 days have unleashed state terrorism of worst kind against Kashmiri people. He said that no one can deny the fact that it was India and its Kashmiri stooges who prior to 1988 trampled the youth of Jammu Kashmir and pushed them towards an armed rebellion against illegal occupation. No one can even deny that these were the same forces that during peaceful revolutions of 2008, 2010, 2011 tortured youth like Burhan Wani, humiliated their families and left them with no choice but to join armed struggle.
Even Naeem Akhtar and his double face party, time and again accused national conference on these facts but now in 2016 when they have assumed power after an active collaboration with RSS they have beaten all previous records of tyranny and oppression. JKLF spokesman said that PDP rulers pretending as champions of human rights used to raise hue and cry over human rights abuses and pledged to disband police Task Force but as soon as they assumed power forgot about these pledges. On LK Advani’s one call this party turned every police station of Jammu Kashmir into a SOG camp. He said that during last 110 days, this party is responsible for killing about 100 civilian , injuring more than 15,000 people, snatching the eye sights of about hundreds people, vandalizing residential houses and private property worth millions, humiliating Kashmiris and arresting more than 10,000 youths among whom majority is of students and youth.
Spokesman said in a statement issued to PTK, that what these shameless rulers are doing in Kashmir especially with youth is responsible for pushing them to the wall and that is why these youth are snatching guns from Indian forces and police and joining armed struggle. He said that JKLF chairman had said in his press conference that India instead of blaming Pakistan should be thankful to them for not providing arms to these agitated youth because the oppressive measures of India and its Kashmiri stooges have left them with no other option but to take the other way should have been taken into its right perspective but Naeem Akhtar and his party want to give it a new twist.

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