Narrow escape for 400 passengers as two planes come face to face on runway

BK Web Desk/ Srinagar
February 25, 2017 NATIONAL 557 Views

sA major tragedy has been averted after two planes with about 400 passengers on-board had a near miss face-off on the runway at Ahmedabad airport.
The incident involved a Dubai bound flight of Spice Jet late last night, to which was given green signal by the Ahmedabad ATC, sources said.
As the plane started speeding up with full throttle on, the controller at the ATC noticed another plane of Indigo right on the runway, said the sources, adding that the pilot of Spice Jet flight was promptly informed, who applied emergency breaks to avert the collision.
Both the airlines were yet to issue any press statement on the incident, though a spokesperson of the Spice Jet acknowledged it.
The official spokesperson of Indigo flatly denied about having information on this saved mishap.
Instructions to the Indigo flight were understood to have been passed by the ATC but for some reasons, it remained parked there.

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