Need of Ghar waapsi

Bhat Rayees

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Need of Ghar waapsi

In Last 4 years, Kashmir loses 3 lakh kanal agriculture land.Like global warming, Population Explosion, Deforestation, This declining of Agriculture Land is also a major Issue and is need of concern. Before a decade in villages, no any household was visiting to fetch Rice from stores, And today Ration Stores are cordoned when any commodity reaches there and ends with an encounter between people and store keeper. We have made ourselves fully dependent on these stores and Government.Agricultu¬ral Lands have been converted to pastures, and Trees are planted to fertile Lands, which not only effects the particular land, but shades of trees makes surround land sterile also.Main reason of declining and conversion is, that People want to axe on government and their sponsored schemes to meet their needs and has lost his curiosity in earning of its own.Soil is rich and fertile and waits for cultivation, But Unfortunately Cultivators are no more.Government Should take strict actions against the conversion of fertile lands.Construction on Agriculture lands is in gradual increase without thinking of future generations.Land is limited and non renewable and needs proper care and management. Before 7 years I heard that government will not allow construction in agricultural lands but that was also futile.Not only common man is responsible but government is the major responsible for this conversion.In my area Government first took our land for Railway line and today Government is constructing bye pass road of NH-1A.Recently they ordered to construct electric transmission towers and also old towers stand erected and are equally responsible for wastage of Agricultural land.
.I am belonging to homeshalibugh which is also known as rice bowl of Kashmir.But I think this title to us will not remain so long.Because people wholly depend on government subsidised rice and flour and became dull and lazy for agricultural work.Flood of 2014 has also laid a negative impact on our agricultural lands.In 2015 the productivity of rice declined by 30% and everyone noticed it and termed it as Natural impact.They are not aware about the soil pollution, sterility of soil, and adverse effects of flood and synthetic fertilisers. Rice research Institute is also in our area just 2 miles from village . but I have never seen them in our agricultural fields to test the soil and know the declining of yield and the poor illitrate farmers don’t know about the function of this research center.
My Grand father Haji Gh Ahmad Bhat was telling me the differences of the past and present.According to him, During his time, it took farmers more than a month to pluck and destroy weeds from paddy. And today hardly any one is seen plucking the weeds from fields.Today farmers are using fertilisers, pesticides, and weedicides to decline the growth of weeds and pests and does not cares of its adverse effects like water and soil pollution. Modern farming practices have changed the nutrient management of practice used on farms.Modern farming practices depend on synthetic fertilizers. Unfortunately these synthetic fertilizers are over applied to crop land.Only half of the fertilizers are absorbed by plants and the rest pollute the atmosphere, soils and water ways. Over usage of synthetic fertilizers and manures has lead to nutrient pollution.Regular usage of synthetic fertilizers and manures causes depletion of organic matter,has adversely affected the soil productivity and overall soil quality. Over usage of synthetic fertilizers and manures has caused the important minerals such as calcium, magnesium and potassium to gradually leach out of the soil.Heavy metals are added to animal feed in order to increase growth; therefore the manure from these animals contain trace amounts of metals such as arsenic, copper, selenium and zinc which also contaminate soil.Hence modern farming practices with over usage of synthetic fertilizers and manures
have made fertile land to loose its porosity and fertility leading soil erosion making fertile soil unfertile or barren. Our land is fertile and waits for cultivation but We are dormant to plant in our fields.Isn’t it sin to waste the fertility period of our golden land.So the need is “ghar wapsi” of our agricultural land from pastures.

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