No country has done more than Pakistan to dismantle Qaeda: Maleeha

July 5, 2017 INTERNATIONAL 365 Views
No country has done more than Pakistan to dismantle Qaeda: Maleeha

Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United Nations Maleeha Lodhi has said that no country has done more than Pakistan to dismantle and to eliminate Al-Qaeda from the region.
“That doesn’t mean there is no Al-Qaeda remnant left in our part of the world but the extent to which it exists is now nothing compared to the situation that it existed 16 years ago, and so Pakistan must get credit for it,” the Pakistani envoy said in an interview published in Al-Quds Al-Arabi.“Pakistan fought that war because it was also in its own interest.”
Noting that tens of thousands of lives have been lost, she said Pakistan has been a principal victim of terrorism, but remains determined to eliminate the last terrorist from the country.”
“Pakistan had managed to beat back the forces of terrorism and extremism, but the job will not be completed until the long war in Afghanistan comes to an end. Since the tragedy of 9/11, Pakistan has always advocated a political solution in Afghanistan, the military option had been tried and it had not resolved the problem. Pakistan has consistently called for insurgents to be brought into the mainstream.”
The suffering causes to the people of the two countries should be brought to an end, she said, adding that Pakistan still hosts more than two million Afghan refugees as a result of the Afghan war.
“The United Nations acknowledges that terrorism cannot and should not be linked with or be associated with any religion. But despite that international consensus, there were vested interests in certain countries who want to tarnish Islam by equating the two. We reject this as a form of racism, as a form of discrimination, as a form of Islamophobia that is evident from time to time.”
Highlighting the decades-long struggle of the people of Kashmir and Palestine for the right to self-determination in the face of heavy odds, she said: “Big power politics have stood in the way of promoting peaceful solutions for Kashmir and Palestine questions.” She made a clarion call for major powers to help in settling the “two oldest unresolved issues” in the interest of global peace.

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