Pakistan bids to make OIC a ‘mini-UN’

May 8, 2018 INTERNATIONAL 145 Views
Pakistan bids to make OIC a ‘mini-UN’

Pakistan is making efforts to make the Organization of Islamic Cooperation a ‘mini-United Nations’, transforming it into a more effective organization that can help resolve the issues facing Muslim-majority countries, officials said.
Senior officials at the foreign ministry told The Nation that the OIC had the potential to be transformed into a stronger organization as it represented a good percentage of humanity.
One official said: “For decades, the OIC has been condemning excesses against the Muslims or recommending certain actions which are never accepted by the countries concerned. This should end now. The OIC should be like a mini-UN which can exert pressure.”
He said: “There are several countries in the OIC like Pakistan that are powerful and have their say in the international affairs. The OIC needs to be respected by the world. Its decisions can be implemented if we (the OIC members) stand together.”
Another official said that Islamabad believed a powerful OIC could help resolve the Kashmir issue. “The time for condemnations is long over. We have to go for Kashmir solution through practical steps. If the OIC members stand united, we can put pressure on India to resolve the Kashmir issue,” he said.
The official said countries like Saudi Arabia and Iran need to play an active role as they had good ties with India. “The OIC represents around 20 percent of the humanity. We are itself a mini-UN,” he said.
On Sunday, the OIC stressed the need for resolving lingering disputes and conflicts through negotiations and by the use of other peaceful means. The call was made in the declaration issued after a two-day 45th session of the Council of Foreign Ministers of the OIC meeting held in Dhaka, said a foreign ministry statement. The theme of the meeting was: ‘Islamic values for sustainable peace, solidarity and development’.
The member states agreed that the OIC peace and security architecture and the good offices of the secretary-general need to be activated for the purpose.

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