Pakistan should initiate dialogue for peace: Mehbooba

‘School going children used by vested interests in Kashmir ’

BK News Desk/Srinagar
October 28, 2016 TOP STORIES 312 Views

Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti Friday said that war was no solution to the problem and that Pakistan should initiate dialogue for peace.
“Jung kisi masley ka hal nahin hai, ultimately humein dosti kar leni chahiye (War is no solution, ultimately we have to form a friendly relationship). Pakistan should initiate dialogue instead of indulging in cross border firing,” she said. “India and Pakistan need to sit together like civilised nations and talk, and I think there is a need for Pakistan to take the initiative,” she added.
Referring to the recent turmoil in the Kashmir valley and particularly its impact on the education sector, the Chief Minister said that certain people have utilized school going children for their vested interests by keeping them away from schools. Expressing pain and anguish on the recent reports of schools being gutted down, the Chief Minister made a pointed reference to the ones instigating poor children and misguiding them to violence with the aim that any reaction, if, leading to injuries or fatalities would become a feeder to prolong the turmoil, which has over a period of time only brought miseries to the people. She added that students are keen to attend schools but fear intimidation by miscreants.
Urging the police to deal with the situation with self-discipline, the Chief Minister said that the police have a big role to play in maintaining peace and tranquility.
The Chief Minister said she considers herself to be more active human rights activist who has actually worked for the people on ground in time of peak militancy and has moved from one corner of the state to the other to campaign for upholding rights of the people.
The Chief Minister said that violence has never helped address any situation but it is only dialogue process, which is the way out. She said that certain political groups who earlier shut their doors to talks, agreed to meet the recent civil society group from New Delhi, something what should have been done earlier to save the turmoil from extending so long.

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