Parking Problems

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Parking Problems

Come summer, the summer capital Srinagar faces huge inconveniences with the arrival of Darbar Move here. Srinagar city is emerging at a faster rate. Talk about encroachment, the city doesn’t r lag behind. There is a lot to witness in coming years as far as the general growth of this city is concerned. While we see turmoil, we at the same time see same people spending so much in other states. We also see city roads swelling day in and day out. Going by the weather forecast the prolonged dry spell is coming to an end. We are expecting rains, and snow also. Otherwise also it used to be time for snow. With the changed weather pattern, we have late, and diminished snowfall. But in any case winters are here to stay, and snowfall, early are delayed, is not going to go anywhere. The question is the perennial one. As we are craving for snowfall, are we ready to have one. Take this small case of less parking spaces in the city centre, and the consequent traffic problems. If we have a snowfall, it is a given that we have less road surface available. Since we know that in case of a snowfall the margins of our roads are lost to the accumulated snow and we are left with reduced road width. Add to it the space lost to the pulled in vehicles. In this case how will traffic move normally on our roads. We know that our problems are compounded by snowfall, still things remain unchanged. If the same case is taken further, can we ask the authorities to manage the parking spaces on a professional basis. True, the traffic volume on our roads has increased manifold, and it is not that easy to manage this heavy rush of traffic. But if we have good parking spaces available in and around the city centre, why can’t these spaces be utilised to the optimum. If all these parking spaces are managed by some single system, that issues parking passes for the regular visitors to the city centre, it would incentivise parking of a good number of vehicles in the allotted spaces. That will take much load off our roads. Second, if the business units in and around the city centre are made stakeholders in this whole issue of traffic movement, it can have a positive effect. For this we have to help them that none parks a vehicle on the roadside, and then make them also responsible for not entertaining customers who violate the rule. We can also issue daily, weekly and monthly parking passes, that are valid for all the parking spaces.

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