PDP-BJP alliance a source of suffering for JK:NC

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December 9, 2016 TOP STORIES 289 Views
PDP-BJP alliance a source of suffering for JK:NC

Alleging that Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) had become active accomplice in propagating and advancing BJP’s politics of hate in Jammu and Kashmir, opposition National Conference (NC) said the alliance was a source of suffering of people in the state.
Addressing a day-long convention of the party’s delegates for District Bandipora at Sumbal today, NC General Secretary Ali Mohammad Sagar alleged the PDP-BJP Alliance had become a source of unending suffering for the people of Jammu and Kashmir and had given the State an inept, corrupt and inefficient Government.
“While BJP’s politics of tyranny, hate and divisiveness has become a scourge across the country, it is tragic that PDP has become an accomplice in furthering this communal agenda in the country’s only Muslim majority State that has a unique legacy of amity, secularism and tolerance.
PDP sold its conscience, ideology and identity to the BJP for political power and today the State is bearing the consequences of this sell-out”, Mr Sagar said.
He lashed out at the Chief Minister for having the audacity to insult the grieving families of almost a hundred young men and women who had lost their lives in the current unrest and said this had exposed the anti-people and opportunistic nature of PDP.
“To appease BJP and to conceal their guilt of supervising the killing of almost a hundred young men and women and the maiming of hundreds more, chief minister has taken upon herself the task of defaming and maligning the people of Kashmir”, Sagar alleged.
Speaking at the convention NC Vice President Chowdhary Mohammad Ramzan said Mehbooba Mufti should own responsibility for the current unrest in the State.
He alleged that the source of unrest lay in the alienation that had been brought about because of the PDP-BJP Alliance.
“PDP fought elections against the BJP and sought votes to keep BJP out of the Civil Secretariat. Ironically the same PDP facilitated BJP’s entry into the Civil Secretariat and is now responsible for setting the State on fire, he alleged and said Mehbooba Mufti cannot escape the consequences of this treachery with the people and PDP’s rout has become imminent”.

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