Pinning hopes on US mediation to resolve Kashmir issue self- deceit: Tarigami

BK desk/Srinagar
April 8, 2017 STATE 214 Views

Reacting to mediation offer by America to resolve Kashmir issue, CPI(M) MLA Mohammad Yousuf Tarigami said that “past and the present experience clearly shows that the US has exploited various political issues faced by the third world countries for justifying it’s intervention and furthering its agenda of hegemony.”
“In the recent past the US has directly or indirectly created havoc in Iraq’ Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen and Syria. It allowed the massacre of millions by destabilising the governments, in these countries,” Tarigami said.
He said in various countries, either for controlling the oil or for installing its stooges and running those countries by remote control, the US exported rebellion. “What has the American administration done for resolving the Palestinian issue,” he asked.
“Everybody knows that it has been hand in glow with Israel to suppress the legitimate aspirations of the people of Palestine. It has been doing everything possible to encourage the Israel game plan in the Middle East,” he added.
Tarigami said now that the US administration is led by alleged racist, pro imperialist and war monger Trump and his lackeys, pining hopes on US for positive mediation and facilitation amounts to self deceit.
“The positive and the only way out is that India and Pakistan should leave their obstinacy and think beyond their stated and rigid positions. The two countries, along with the representatives of J &K can surely sort out the issue and reach a mutually acceptable solution. Let them begin the journey, the vistas will open and the goal, which seems hazy at present would be illumined and reached,” the MLA from Kulgam said.
“CPI (M) has been consistently affirming that the credible and sincere process of dialogue alone could bring us closer to a long-lasting settlement of the vexed Kashmir issue,” he said.
Tarigami discredited the euphoria being generated by some quarters on the mediation offer by the US and said that meddling by the Trump led America would have dangerous consequences

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