Pleasant weather GST Council Meet a plethora of doubts for J&K polity

BK Web Desk/ Srinagar
May 19, 2017 BREAKING NEWS 410 Views

Last leg of the GST Council Meet at SKICC Srinagar that has almost concluded leaving pending only a few Service Tax listing is having another schedule on June 3, 2017 carried along many political twists besides the multiple Tax Slabs ranging from 5, 12, 18, 28 and so on. While Education and Health Sectors have been kept free from any Taxation, one thing can be taken in mind that the education will be available now at very cheaper rates and people will be able to have low cost medical treatment. This is encouraging and will be providing opportunity to meritorious students from poor families to have access to sound schooling and subsequent higher education. But the after-effects will be visible after July 1, 2017.

While the Union Finance Minister read out many positives of the Goods and Service Tax implementation to the Media and by his words attempted to convince a particular coalition partner of the State Government, the unseen chords revealed many plans of the Government of India to bring Jammu and Kashmir State into the national fold. As per an official spokesman, Jaitley promised that  the Centre will do all it can in restructuring the GST implementation for Jammu and Kashmir keeping in view  Article 370. Giving nod to Jaitley’s views, Finance Minister of the State said the historic Meeting will make Jammu and Kashmir part of the economic history and we will become part of the national policy making.

Media’s query on talks with Hurriyat Conference and continuance of Mehbooba Mufti as Chief Minister of the state received half-force reply from the Finance & Defence Minister. While he declined talks with Hurriyat saying that the priority of the Central Government is to improve the situation first. His innocence about some simmering plans to replacement of Chief Minister cast shadows and it went apparent that something fishy is underway, said Seema Mahajan, ABHMS State Mahila Wing President.

Defence Minister’s views on improvement in situation in the valley and his satisfaction over the free movement of visiting delegates, who he said may stay past conclusion of meeting for some days, really speak of non-seriousness of the Central Government. It should have been borne in mind that how hectic it was for the Jammu and Kashmir Police to ensure security of the venue of the meeting, the places of stay of the visiting dignitaries, the staff and sanitizing of routes leading to and fro. Under the prevailing law and order as well as militancy scenario, it was never advisable to put the state machinery under such tremendous pressure. It would have been fine and financially viable to hold such a meet at Delhi, said Seema Mahajan. Secured atmosphere has to be created for safeguarding the guests, which facility otherwise is not available to the common people in Kashmir. As Akhil Bharat Hindu Mahasabha earlier pointed out during one of its meeting and issued a press note, “with the setting in of Summers many meetings of different departments will be held in Srinagar and many official delegations from different states will undertake tours on one pretext or the other, overloading the already burdened Government”, the practice has begun to come in vogue, she said.

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