PM tears into Cong for 90 minutes amid deafening Oppn protests

Agencies/ New Delhi
February 8, 2018 NATIONAL 77 Views
PM tears into Cong for 90 minutes amid deafening Oppn protests

In the face of 90-plus minutes of deafening Opposition protests, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today stood in the Lok Sabha accusing the Congress of dividing India in 1947, forgetting the democracy instilled by Karnataka’s 12th century Kannada reformer Basava, and stabbing in the back politicians from Andhra Pradesh.
It is no accident these comments from PM Modi came ahead of state elections in Karnataka and even as his party’s ally, Andhra Pradesh’s Telugu Desam Party(TDP), is threatening to split from the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) coalition.
As the Opposition shouted non-stop – “stop your theatrics” “enough of your ‘jumlas'” and “fulfil your electoral promises” – Modi kept on with what was supposed to be his motion of thanks to the President’s address, but what sounded more like a campaign speech.
Modi began his speech by directly accusing the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty of dividing India at independence.
“To this day, 125 crore Indians are paying the price for your sins, you divided India keeping elections in mind, you closed Parliament’s doors without heeding the people’s wishes, the seeds you sowed at that time, its ramifications are being felt to this day,” the PM thundered.
The PM also lambasted the Congress for brainwashing people into thinking the Congress, and especially Jawaharlal Nehru, brought democracy to India. He said that democracy “is in the blood of Indians” and cited the golden age of Lichchavi rule in eastern India and of Kannada social reformer Basava’s teachings.
“It is the country’s misfortune that Congress leaders feel ‘Bharat’ the country was born on August 15, 1947, as if there was no country before this. I’m shocked, do I call it ignorance, or lack of understanding, when it is said Nehru and the Congress gave India democracy,” he said.
Keeping the upcoming Karnataka elections firmly in mind, Modi decided to use Karnataka Congress MP Mallikarjun Kharge’s recent speech in Parliament as a takeoff point to explain democracy to the Lok Sabha and to inform it that democracy isn’t a preserve of the Congress – far from it, he said, the Congress has destroyed democracy.
“Kharge ji aren’t you from Karnataka, at least remember Basava. You should know him, he established the Anubhav Mandap in the 12 th century. Everything he did was done democratically and women’s empowerment was his top priority, this was democracy in India in the 12 th century. Have you forgotten that, Kharge ji” the PM asked.

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