Policy Matters  

June 24, 2016 0 Comments EDITORIAL 473 Views
Policy Matters  

Any sitting Government would never want to hit the crisis in their tenure. Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti led coalition government seems to be endorsing its own mistakes- tough small, not to be out of the crisis circle. It is important to note that the private-public partnership mode has suddenly become the anodyne for the government. Earlier a cabinet minister assured that the new Industrial Policy which is in effect since March 15 will be looked into. That was after it received severe criticism in Kashmir as the new policy also touched the raw nerve called Article 370. Since the original order was issued in March 2016, when the elected representatives were absent – very much like those in Omar Abdullah’s government when floods drowned many parts of Kashmir – it raises the issue as for what purpose the legislators or elected representatives of the people are elected. The new Industrial Policy has not been even discussed properly and the government now seems to have passed its verdict – passed. The government in J&K is leaving a very bad impression as it fails to take issues and scrutinize them before arriving at conclusions. Elections, voting, choosing candidates, making laws in accordance to the interests and wishes of the people is a process. The process in its entirety is called democracy, which is a system of governing in which people have the final say. But the way the present government has been ignoring the voice of the people, it is delegitimizing the democracy in J&K, which is a very big issue. Leaders in the present dispensation must swallow their pride and ego as it is not necessary that their views are infallible. The government is closing doors on almost everyone, not taking into account the public opinion or dissent expressed by different stakeholders or people. This newfound arrogance in a government that seems to be listening to its own molecules and shunning the opinions and views of others may set a bad precedent in governance. There is no wrong in taking opinions of all sections on board and deliberate upon matters than rush to conclusions. Consensus is a key factor that leads to good governance. The new policy has been picked apart for the holes that have been exposed. Private-public partnership means joining of hands of those private players who have capital and resources with the state subjects. On one hand J&K government for decades has not been able to pour life in the woebegone industrial sector. It has even miserably failed to improve the business in PSUs. With the failure of government undertakings, the governments want to gift what is left on a platter to private players. The only hindrance in this scheme happens to be a valid apprehension, that the hotels, guest houses, transportation, local crafts, etc., which have been sustaining the state subjects may become a corporate matter taking further the meager benefits that local population has been able to make. Why doesn’t the government work for providing necessary capital and resource to local population instead of outsourcing the local industries?

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