Promotional video of Srinagar city goes viral on social media

Gets nearly 2 lakh views on Facebook

BK Correspondent/Srinagar
August 12, 2017 CITY 379 Views
Promotional video of Srinagar city goes viral on social media

The Jammu and Kashmir Tourism Department’s promotional video of Srinagar city’s historical bridges is gaining positive response all over social media websites,which is nearing two lakh views on Facebook.
It was the first of its kind of video promo video made by the department in an effort to promote the historical tourism in the valley.
A minute long video, shows that a motor boat passing through the historical bridges of the city which altogether leaves a person to love it.
Shot with a drone, the video takes the viewers over the iconic bridges like Zero Bridge, Abdullah Bridge, Amira Kadal, and Budshah Bridge along the Jhelum downstream with a motorboat swiftly roving over the Jhelum and a melodious tone in the background keeping the viewer engaged.
Besides the bridges, the video also spots some important landmarks including Shergadi Palace, Shiv Temple, Gadadhar Temple, LalDed Memorial, KhanqahMaula and the historical Budshah Tomb in downtown located on the Jhelum banks.
There are seven historical bridges in Srinagar, each one of them having its own importance and history. These bridges connected various parts of the city with one other over the Jhelum river. These bridges remind us of the saga and the architecture of that time. All these bridges have been constructed after 14th century when Srinagar began to expand its territory. These bridges or “Kadals” as locally known are the life line of the city.
The video has been apparently shot to promote the tourism of Kashmir, which has been witnessing losses from last two years.
The tourism department has held multiple promotional campaigns outside the state, but it could attract the tourist due to the upheaval in the situation.
The video has become viral on social networking sites and has seen maximum shares within less than three days.
Nazir Ahmad a netizen has shared the video on his Facebook account and posted, “ this is my city and it is beautiful compared to any other place in Europe. The responsibility lies in our shoulders to keep it clean so that people in large number are attracted towards it.”
An official from tourism department said the video would promote the rich heritage of the od city.
“ We have so many heritage structure on the banks of Jhelum River, so the service of water transport can take them through the entire old city with less than half and hour,” he said.

He said that the department is planning to offer videos of more tourist destinations in the coming days.
The flow of touristsdeclined steeply post-parliamentary polls in Srinagar when nearly nine civilians were killed.
Post 2014, floods the tourist inflow to the valley has been declining massively.
During 2015, only 92, 03,691 tourists visited the state, including 28,954 foreigners and 91, 74,737 domestic tourists.
Of them, 9, 27,815 visited Kashmir.
In 2016, 27, 68, 073 tourists visited the state, including 24,516 foreigners and 27, 43, 557 Indians.
The tourist flow to Kashmir declined to 4, 03, 442 in 2016 due to the unrest following HizbulMujahideen Commander BurhanWani’s killing.

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