Pulwama Incident

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Pulwama Incident

It is disturbing trend to see Kashmir witnessing rage on the streets with thousands of students from schools, colleges and universities hitting streets and demanding their rights. State Human Rights Commission (SHRC) has taken cognizance of the “alleged” disproportionate use of force against students at Degree College Pulwama last week. If one happens to follow Kashmir. While many political parties have come forward, criticizing the incident, there is an increasing worry for the civil and police and security apparatus of the State to deal with the volatile situation. Recently over the weekend, some shocking videos depicting human rights violations and public torture at the hands of armed forces in Kashmir, had surfaced and gone viral on social media. A young man tied to an armed forces jeep and used as human shield, merciless beating of young men who are also forced to chant anti-Pakistan slogans are scenes which have created a strong wave of outrage travelling beyond the state’s territorial limits and evoked a response that is impossible to bury. With the leak of these videos, human rights violation in Kashmir by armed forces have been corroborated, a matter that both the government of India and the armed forces have rebutted in the past. The censure expressed by numerous sections by now is blatant, notwithstanding the poor response of the government and armed forces that they will look into the “veracity of the claims” and “take stock of the situation”. Kashmir has been witnessing many issues and there are too many questions raised in the last couple of days about handling or rather mishandling Kashmir, but nothing changes the fact that a dangerous situation is developing in Valley, after more than two decades. The stabbing question at present and after gauging the response of New Delhi is whether the new action is per default or per design. People masses in Kashmir are asking questions on how armed forces are using excessive force first, then making videos and public performances of them and then leaking them to people. There is no message in the content of these videos except that Kashmiris are forcefully held. Today the situation even gets worse when thousands of the students from various schools, colleges and universities hit on the streets, demanding their rights. It was a pact-full day for the State police and the administration to deal with the young unarmed protestors who have wanted to look out for the any opportunity to register their protest against the brutal force of police and paramilitary forces. While Kashmir is facing massive protests by students, the State Government must wake up before it’s too late for them.

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