Rajasthan PP reconstituted with a mission to strengthen National Integration

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February 11, 2017 BREAKING NEWS 619 Views
Rajasthan PP reconstituted with a mission to strengthen National Integration

  Prof.Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party drove to Jaipur this morning and addressed the newly constituted State Panthers Party headed by Shri Ashok Bapna with Shri Anil Sharma as Working President and Mrs. Shakuntla Singh as General Secretary. Prof.Bhim Singh also named Mohd. Shahid, Shri Surender Yadav and three others as the Members of the Secretariat. Addressing NPP workers meeting Prof.Bhim Singh called on the youth of Rajasthan to re-visit their history of Rajputana and super sacrifices made by the sons and daughters of Rajputana before, during and after the Mughal rule.

Prof.Bhim Singh also constituted a committee of the Young Panthers with Ms. Adeeti Singh as General Secretary, Young Panthers. The Executive Committee of Rajasthan Panthers Party, Young Panthers and other supporting committees shall be constituted within one month.

Prof.Bhim Singh whose ancestors belong to Chittaur declared that he shall appoint a Research Committee of the young historians from Jammu and Rajasthan who will dig out the past history of the bravery and sacrifices of the people of Rajasthan who were forced to migrate to Jammu Pradesh and Kangra region in Himachal Pradesh now.

 Prof.Bhim Singh also announced to hold a national convocation of the descendants of Maharana Pratap, Maharaja Gulab Singh, Prithviraj Chauhan and other heroes and warriors who built India and its moral. Prof.Bhim Singh said that India is under grave threat from the East and the West and the new generation as a great role to play to save the entire world from death and destruction.

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