Rajnath Singh turns hawkish, rules out talks with Pak‘PM to convene all-party meet on Kashmir’

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Rajnath Singh turns hawkish, rules out talks with Pak‘PM to convene all-party meet on Kashmir’

Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh today ruled out talks with Pakistan but informed the Rajya Sabha that an all-party meeting would be convened by Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, on Kashmir unrest on August 12.
Laying the blame squarely at Pakistan, Singh told the House that the J&K government is doing its best to provide basic facilities amidst the violence created by some “vested interests and misguided elements”. “Have no hesitation in saying that whatever is happening in Kashmir is sponsored by Pakistan,” said Singh in Rajya Sabha, in his reply to the discussion on the Kashmir unrest.
He added that some Lashkar-e-Taiba militants are trying to threaten security personnel and their families in J&K. Rejecting the possibility of holding talks with Pakistan on the Kashmir issue, Singh said “there is no power in the world that can take Jammu and Kashmir away from us.” “If there will be any talks with Pakistan, it will only be on PoK and not Kashmir,” he said. He said that PM Modi will convene an all-party meeting over a deadly unrest in Kashmir.
Home Minister thanked all the members of the House for speaking in one voice over the Kashmir issue and said that if anyone does not know the meaning of a healthy democracy, they should tune in to the Rajya Sabha session.
Singh began his speech by assuring the House that the situation is not as dire as what was being described during the debate and food and fuel is being provided to the people of Kashmir. He stated that he does not believe that only unemployment is the reason for the Kashmir unrest. “What is happening in Kashmir is sponsored by Pakistan,” he said.
He then went on to address Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif’s statements on the Kashmir unrest. “Two weeks ago, Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif said that he is waiting for the day when Kashmir will become Pakistan’s. He has also written a letter to the UN Secretary General saying there should be a plebiscite in Kashmir. On the basis of the statements made in the House, I can say that no power in the world can take Jammu and Kashmir from us. If there is dialogue with Pakistan, it won’t be on Kashmir, it will be on Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir,” he said to much applause.
He also appealed to the youth of Kashmir to stop those who were displaying flags of the Islamic State in the Valley. “What has ISIS done? They have murdered the people who believe in Islam. If there is one country that believes all religions are equal, then that country is India. Islam has never said you should murder anyone. I believe that those who claim Islam does so are insulting Islam,” he said.
On the issue of ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ slogans being raised in Jammu and Kashmir, Singh made it very clear that “it is not acceptable on Indian soil.” He further said, “I appeal to the people of Kashmir not to do this.”
He also reiterated the statement that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had made on Kashmir and said that the government has no intention of imposing President’s Rule on Jammu and Kashmir.
Singh also read out a statement on behalf of the Rajya Sabha. “The House expresses sympathy to those affected. The House also urges steps to be taken to stop the violence quickly,” he read.

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