Roaring Guns & Kashmir

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Roaring Guns & Kashmir

The guns have started roaring again alongside Line of control.  A GREF driver was killed and seven others including a BSF man injured in cross Line of Control (LoC) shelling by Pakistan Army in Krishna Ghati and Mankote sectors of Mendhar tehsil in Poonch district. With the infiltration bids and the violence alongside LoC, the debate on the India’s national news channels gets the momentum. Almost every speaker starts bashing Pakistan for launching “terror” activities into Indian side that include the disputed Kashmir territory. In recent months the Union ministry including Home Minister, Rajnath Singh, Arun Jaitley have taken review of the cecurity scenario in Kashmir, terming the Kashmir situation “better than before.” However the situation on the ground remains grim with more and more death happening on the streets. With deaths on the streets, Government can’t expect peace coming to the valley. The word peace is highly debatable in Kashmir. Some see the influx of high tourists to the valley as the peaceful year, despite number of killings on the streets. Some also see “violence-free” year as the government’s “achievement.” Kashmir has been witnessing surge in militancy, especially in south Kashmir region with more and more educated youth joining the militant ranks. The government is facing lot of hardships for to reach out to the agitated youth with some concrete policies. Interestingly, the Kashmir students who last time were forced to come to school are pushed back to their homes. Because the government doesn’t find the situation suitable for opening of the schools across the valley, while as the horror continues for them with their near and dear ones still languishing in jails or battling for lives in city hospitals.  These are an estimated 1100 of the people hit by the pellet gun fire in Valley, a significant number of them youth, whose vision has been impaired, for many of them irreparably. Government figures say only six people have completely lost their sight which entitles them to the government job. But this is not the complete reality. Pellets have also caused the death of 14 people and injured an estimated 7136 people in various parts of body. Records with SMHS and the SKIMS Medical College, Valley’s main hospitals, reveal that 1130 patients with eye injuries due to pellets were admitted for the treatment. Among them is Insha, the 14 year old girl, who lost her both eyes to pellets. Her plight has since become emblematic of the current turmoil in Valley.

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