RSS playing a dangerous sectarian game in Jammu: Soz

BK Desk Srinagar
October 15, 2016 BREAKING NEWS 314 Views

Prof. Saifuddin Soz, Former Union Minister and Senior Congress Leader Saturday said, “My more than three decades in Delhi, in and out of Parliament, watching political scene closely and also participating in it, have yielded sufficient experience to me to understand the format of political nuances.”

He added, “Now, I can imagine in my hindsight that both Atal Behari Bajpai and L.K. Advani, the BJP Stalwarts, wanted to contribute to building India into a vibrant ‘Nation State’. It was a close association and comraderie between the two.  Then, both wanted to work with the opposition in a democratic way, inspite of political differences. While I heard them in Parliament and outside it, I could imagine that both leaders manoeuvred to stay two steps away from the RSS, subtely, although in public, they would always express that they drew inspiration from it (the RSS)”

“In PM Modi’s dispensation, Modi (not necessarily the BJP as a unified situation) and the RSS want to maintain the ‘Similarity in Steps’. This stance has already produced strain and stress on the political surface, which is not a good message for India’s Nationhood”, he said

He also added, “The RSS cannot, under any circumstances, change its mentality! The Chenab Valley in Jammu has organized a Bandh today (15th October, 2016) that has been described for the press as a reaction to RSS’s communal activities in the Jammu region. This does not augur well for political health of the State. I would like to earnestly urge the Mainstream Parties in J&K – the NC, the Pradesh Congress, PDP, CPM, CPI, DNP, and PDF to respond to the RSS’s nefarious parochial and sectarian activities in Jammu and keep, in particular, India’s vast segment of Civil Society fully informed.”

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