Rural Kashmir hospitals san facilities, manpower

Muhammad Kamran Shamshad/ Srinagar
January 6, 2017 CITY 769 Views
Rural Kashmir hospitals san facilities, manpower

The heavy rush of patients in Srinagar’s premier hospital is attributed to the lack of proper healthcare system in rural Kashmir where hospitals are worst hit.
The hospitals in rural areas lack not only infrastructure but also manpower resulting in sufferings to the people of these areas plus Government has also failed in creating new infrastructure in rural areas where work on new hospitals is going at very slow speed from last six to nine years at many places in North and South Kashmir. According to the document details received from hospitals in rural areas across the Kashmir, in north Kashmir’s Baramulla district more than 20 posts of assistant surgeons, 17 posts of specialists, 31 posts of Nurses / FMPHW/ANMS and 28 posts of paramedics are vacant and many Doctors are working on attachment bases.
Likewise in north Kashmir’s Bandipora district seven posts of assistant surgeons, two posts of dental surgeons, 10 posts of specialists, 12 posts of Nurses and 11 posts of paramedics are vacant in the area.
The worst hit border area Kupwara district sans 35 posts of assistant surgeons, 12 posts of dental surgeons, 30 other specialists, 120 paramedical posts and 43 posts of Nurses are lying vacant which ultimately results in shifting even minor diseases patients to urban areas and in turn a responsible factor for over rush of patients in the hospitals of Srinagar city.
The documents detail revealed that in south Kashmir’s Shopian district, almost 20 assistant surgeon posts are vacant, posts of 18 specialists and 34 other paramedical posts are vacant and again like other districts, doctors from different Block headquarters are working on attachment bases in this hospital as well, besides construction on the new hospital building is in its initial stage after almost six years because of lack of funds despite the matter being highlighted many a times in media which ultimately results the patients of far flung areas to suffer heavily on daily bases in this hospital as well. Similarly the oldest district headquarter of the south Kashmir’s Anantnag district is also suffering from a dearth of paramedical staff. As per the details there are almost seven assistant surgeon posts lying vacant plus 12 specialists and 9 other paramedic posts. 28 posts of assistant surgeons, 11 posts of specialists and 14 posts of paramedics are lying vacant in south Kashmir’s Pulwama district. In south Kashmir’s Kulgam district, 17 posts of assistant surgeons and 14 posts of specialists are lying vacant.
The shortage of paramedical staff in rural areas does not only affect the functioning of health care units in these district headquarters only, but this prevailing heavy referral system also affects the functions of hospitals in Srinagar.
According to the reports on daily basis more than seven thousand patients are referred from different district headquarters to Government Medical College Srinagar and its associated hospitals. While as the list of vacant posts of all the health care units across the Kashmir is already with the State Government and authorities are also aware of the construction work going on new hospital buildings in these district headquarters, it would be worth to watch any immediate action from the Government to improve the standard of health care system in rural areas as well.

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