Shell drops at Poonch brigade headquarters, shelter shed damaged

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October 23, 2018 BREAKING NEWS 149 Views
Shell drops at Poonch brigade headquarters, shelter shed damaged

A shelter shed was damaged as a shell fell inside the premises of Poonch brigade headquarters Tuesday morning. The shell is believed to have come from across the Line of Control, according to sources.

While officials said that they were investigating the matter, a senior official said it was an abandoned tin shed of no significance. He added that an administration team of army experts had reached the spot. Nothing can be said at the moment about the explosive device and from where it came, the official said.

There was fire and smoke after the shell exploded.

Following the incident, the administration ordered a shutdown of educational institutions falling in the border area in close proximity to the Poonch brigade headquarters.

Significantly, the shell landed within the brigade quarters two days after some Pakistani intruders crossed the LOC in Sunderbani sector and attacked an Indian patrol killing three soldiers and injuring another. On Monday, Indian Army had in a stern message to its Pakistani counterpart asked to rein in terrorists operating from its soil and take back the bodies of its hostile nationals.(IE)


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