SMC to resume dog sterilisation drive in Srinagar

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SMC to resume dog sterilisation drive in Srinagar

Years after leaving the process midway, the Srinagar Municipal Corporation (SMC) would resume its dog sterilization process in Srinagar.
The population of canines in Srinagar and other parts of the valley is believed to have doubled over the years which is equally concerning people.
SMC started its dog sterilization programme in May 2012 and in the initial phase as many as 1000 dogs were sterilized.
The process later faced several hitches after Animal Welfare Board raised voice against the practice by SMC.
Due to the repeated hiatuses to the process, the flow of patients with dog bites have increased in Kashmir hospitals over the years.
As many as 5000 dog bite cases were recorded at the Anti-Rabies clinic at the SMHS hospital here during 2015-16.
The number is about 100 more than the 2014-15 when 4917 incidents were reported at the same clinic.
As many as 6014 dog bite cases were recorded during 2013-14, he said.
To tackle the issue of increasing dog bites, the SMC again has decided to resume the process again in the city.
Sources said that the SMC would engage veterinary doctors in the said process.
“ The veterinary doctors possess the expertise, which we can use to tackle the mance of dog population in the city. We are contemplating to resume this process as soon as possible and will accordingly seek help from the vats,” they said.
Sources also said that the SMC will pay an honorarium to the vats as per the number of dogs sterlised.
“ The entire cost for the process will be borne by SMC . They will have to help give their expertise in the process,” they added.
Sources als said the SMC has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Unemployed Veterinary Doctors’ Association (UVDA) to tackle the dog menace in the city.
The SMC is also setting up another sterilization center at Tengpora, Allochi Bagh, to effectively control the rising canine population in the city.
As per the SMC, the ‘state-of-the-art’ center would be constructed over an area of eight kanals with an estimated cost of Rs 1.05 crore.
An officials said that the center will have the capacity to conduct 80-100 surgeries a day and provide best post-operative care to the dogs.
“The center will have 120 dog kennels. It will go a long way in controlling the stray dog population in the valley,” he said.
“We are also ensuring minimum availability of garbage on the roads, especially bones and stuff that, by boosting their potency, becomes the main factor of the increase in dog population,” he said.
He said once functional, the center will provide employment to many unemployed veterinarians.
“The center will accommodate at least six veterinary surgeons, 12 para-vets, and 15-16 orderlies,” he said.

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