Social Welfare Deptt Bandipora yet to divert money to needy

December 12, 2016 STATE 230 Views
Social Welfare Deptt Bandipora yet to divert money to needy

The lack of coordination between social welfare department and education department cost an annually “poor fund” to transfer to the bank accounts of concerned beneficiaries and orphan students of north Kashmir’s Bandipora schools.
Social welfare department in Bandipora has not been granting money to poor students from last many years. While poor and orphan students continue to face the brunt of it and are unable to study, these poor students continue to buy books from their own pocket.
Government used to give 700-1000rupees to each student every year who come from Below Poverty Line (BPL) and to those who don’t have their parents. It was a kind of relief from government side but several from many years social welfare seems not present on ground in this north Kashmir district to deliver the rights of poor and orphan students thus forcing the students either to leave the studies or earn money to let their education follow-up.
The parents of poor students while talking to Brighter Kashmir lament over the open “loot” of their wards money. Parents said their wards have not received money of year 2014 and 2015.
Top officials of the Social Welfare Department said, “the school institutions in Bandipora were given crores of money for the welfare of students in March 2016 by the government as a ‘poor fund’ but the money was deliberately stopped for unknown reasons by the respective school clerks to deliver directly in the account numbers of students are to handover checks.”
However, it caused countless injustice to Bandipora poor background students and put toll over the thousands of orphans who were wholly depend on this fund and were then only able to buy books, pen and uniform.
Parents of the poor families said we fail to understand where goes that money which was funded for their wards they cite their woes and questions what happens to that money which was ordered to schools as a “poor fund” by social welfare department who hold its responsibility of delivering to students.
When I in a capacity of a reporter asked top district social welfare officials of the administration about the “poor fund” measures for poor students they said we couldn’t get applications from the students for poor fund and once we get we will hand over the same amount to them. His answer didn’t satisfy me when I tried to ask him some more sharp questions in which blame falls on his department regarding failure of putting pressure over education department for notifying poor students name he dropped the phone. I called again. Why students complain against you as they have not received money since long? “I will get first information then I will talk because whatever I report it should be authenticated” and dropped the phone I called again Hope poor students will get it he hanged the phone.
Sources said “The matter of the fact is that clerks and the concerned authorities dump this all money into their homes and later claim we have not received”.
A top official in the school department, pleading anonymity, said the school authorities use this poor fund for different kinds of school needs and he accused the school officials from peon to principal of embezzlement huge amount of money while receiving from higher authorities. He adds that schools use this fund in making different parties and having samosa tea after every hour in a day.
Pertinently, students of bandipora schools accuse school authorities of diverting a whooping amount of over crores of money for tour expenses and fuel charges. The amount was meant for poor fund to students.
The issue came into limelight after it was noticed that poor students were not receiving even a penny of it. The issue of hanging of the poor funds in district bandipora is the failure of bond coordination between Social Welfare Department and Education Department Bandipora said a teacher wishing anonymity.
According to sources school staff is lethargic not taking immediate steps to release relief to the poor students. After receiving the news of “poor fund blockade in bandipora schools” I met a poor and orphan student in Sumbal zone who studies at Government High School Sumbal. The uniform of the poor student was torn and is unable to buy new one and has a huge challenge of studying further. He had told me that he can’t study if not any monitory help from government.
The height of indifference of Social welfare department can be gauged by the fact that the “Poor Fund” of year 2013 and 2014 were only given to Education Zone Sumbal and Education Zone Bandipora while as education zone Gurez, Quil Muqam and Education Zone Hajin have not been provided it.
Mohammad Shafi War Chief Education Officer Bandipora seems ignorant about the issue and said you need to contact with Social welfare department not with us and dropped the phone.

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