Sonia in talks with parties for nominee in Prez polls

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April 26, 2017 NATIONAL 343 Views
Sonia in talks with parties for nominee in Prez polls

Congress chief Sonia Gandhi is at the centre of discussions with opposition leaders over putting up a candidate to challenge an NDA nominee for President who could represent a protest against “majoritarian politics.”

The deliberations have seen Sonia being receptive to a “joint” opposition candidate as leaders she has met expressed concern over promotion of aggressive and intolerant social attitudes exemplified by violence by cow vigilantes.

Though no names were discussed, there has been an agreement that opposition parties need to mobilise against the Modi government and signal that they are ready to oppose BJP’s hardline postures on social and political issues.

Opposition figures who met Sonia include JD(U) leader Nitish Kumar and CPM general secretary Sitaram Yechury. CPI’s D Raja met the Congress chief on Monday.

The leaders have discussed ways to continue the cooperation achieved between 16 political parties in Parliament.

Interestingly, it has been Sonia rather than Rahul Gandhi who has been so far involved in the interactions since her return from the US where she went for a medical check up.

Sources said the selection of an opposition candidate will gather momentum once the NDA finalises its nominee. The ruling dispensation’s choice will be crucial as opposition leaders will need to craft their response keeping in mind the social and political credentials of the NDA nominee.

An NDA candidate who is a clear “saffron” choice will be easier to oppose than one who has a politically savvy social profile. It is expected that the BJP will pick a choice who sends a strong signal to its constituency but the Narendra Modi-Amit Shahcombination has shown the capacity to come up with unconventional choices.

But while the opposition waits for NDA to open its cards, it seems to be veering around to the need to make a statement by pitting a candidate against NDA even if the electoral college is heavily weighted in favour of BJP after its big wins in UP andUttarakhand.(ToI)

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