SPECIAL Status? 

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SPECIAL Status? 
Is special status of the ecologically and politically fragile Jammu and Kashmir state under threat.  This is the buzz word from last over one month here.  KASHMIR  which has been witnessing uprising from last over five months have many challenges to deal with now.  There have been certain developments in the past one month which have raised the fears that a special status which is enjoyed by the state in terms of acquisition and ownership of property is under threat. No less than some top legal luminaries in the state have argued that the extension of the SARFESI act to the state will erode the autonomy as the properties will be owned by the outside banks. Coming closely on the heels of the Supreme Court decision on SARFESI act was the order by the state government to issue the identity certificates to West Pakistani refugees enabling them to get the government jobs. Though there were media reports earlier that the government was granting the domicile status to the West Pakistani refugees, it was later rebutted by the coalition government. The PDP and BJP have no ideological compatibility, yet the two parties joined hands to form the coalition government in the state after framing the Agenda of Alliance. The alliance agenda is very explicit mentioning that there will be no further erosion of the special status of the state. But the recent developments have raised the concerns that the coalition compulsions may pave way for policies which would undermine the special status enjoyed by the state. Jammu and Kashmir is the only state in India which has its own constitution, but there has been a serious erosion of the special status over the years. Maximum of the central laws have been extended to the state. A large number of people have managed to get the state subjects illegally in Jammu region. Due to the accusations that a proper defense was not put up by the state counsel in the Supreme Court, government should have ideally filed a review petition in the SC against the SARFESI Act. Also the government has stoked an unnecessary controversy by issuing the identity certificates when the Union Home Minister, Rajnath Singh, had ordered that the election cards by the West Pakistani refugees that are used by them to cast the votes in parliament elections can be used to get the government jobs. Rather than acting politically,  BJP has fueled the controversy by stating that it was in favor of granting the state subject rights to the West Pakistani refugees, which is against the spirit of Agenda of Alliance that has been worked by the two parties.

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