Stop beating war drums: Pandit to BJP

BK News Desk/Srinagar
October 7, 2016 CITY 512 Views

Press and Publicity Secretary of JKPCC, Yasir Amin Pandit, has lambasted Bhartiya Janta Party for whipping up a war frenzy throughout the country, especially in the North Indian states of Punjab and J&K that have borders with Pakistan. In a press release issuede here, Pandit said war is detrimental to both the sides and BJP is staking the security and happiness of people by creating war hysteria and trying to benefit from it politically.
“It’s so sad that BJP is creating an atmosphere of unrest and panic throughout the country for political gains. A sense of fear has been created in J&K and Punjab, which is unfortunate,” said Pandit. Pandit said BJP has set J&K on fire and instead of owning up to it blunders it’s engineering a distraction to get away with it and also benefit in the forthcoming elections in Punjab and UP. “People must see through the diabolical plot of RSS and BJP ideologues and foil it. Not only are they creating deep fissures in the nation by dividing people but they are also capitalizing on the sacrifices of the armed forces. It’s so disgusting that the party is trying to politicize the army,” said Pandit.
“BJP makes lofty claims and considers itself as the sole proprietor of the country. That goes against the grain of democracy. India belongs to every Indian irrespective of caste, creed or religion and the people of this nation will never forgive the Hindutva forces who are hell-bent upon ripping apart the secular fabric of the country,” said Pandit. He said BJP should stop playing such ugly politics as it is harmful to the country and also to BJP in the long run. “BJP might gain some short-term benefits, but I guarantee them it will destroy the party in the long run besides harming the nation. BJP should refrain from beating war drums and play as per the rules and ethics of democracy,” said Pandit.

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