Strengthen RDD

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Strengthen RDD

The Department of Rural Department in Jammu and Kashmir is vital because of its links with the people at the grassroots level. In the ongoing assembly session, various members who took part on the first day of Discussion on Demands for Grants for Discussion on Demands of Grants for Rural Development, Panchayati Raj and Law and Justice including Election Departments in Legislative Assembly, many members urged the government to strengthen the department by bringing transparency and accountability into the functioning of the system Many members raised the issues of public importance pertaining to overall development of the State. The schemes launched under this department should be streamlined at all levels. The rural areas are not given due share in the rural development sector. Sufficient funds may be allocated for the construction works immediately. The funds utilized under this department should be spent judiciously. There is a need for looking into implementation and functioning of the various schemes. The Government should also hold Gram Sabha and also make members aware about the various programmes. Government should adopt a transparent approach in streamlining the administrative units across the State. They should adopt the Transfer Policy in the Rural Development Department. The convergence schemes adopted by the Government has really benefited rural areas of the State, however these schemes need to be delivered at the grassroots level. Rural Development Department is a vital department which would prove exemplary for giving good governance in the State. The current dispensation should adopt a comprehensive Transfer Policy for the Department and the government should to appoint honest and innovative officers into this department. They should also clear the due instalments of funds sanctioned under 14th Finance Commission. Above all the politics shouldn’t ruin the department and governance. With the new schemes and rural reform policies, the current Government must set a new mark in providing good governance to the people of the State. The liabilities under MGNREGA, IAY and SBM at block levels should be cleared on regular basis. The Minister should go for the launch of revival of social economic caste census in the State to ensure the development and prosperous of the rural areas. Importantly the government must show a positive approach towards improving the status of socio-economic profile of the State and also go for the reorganisation of the department.

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