Sweep floors, fill pitchers to stay fit, Rajasthan women told

November 13, 2017 NATIONAL 234 Views

Sweeping floors, using hand grinding mills and filling water pitchers are some of the ways by which women can maintain good health, advises the Rajasthan education department.
The general advisory came in the November edition of Shivira Patrika, which is published by the education department and circulated among government school teachers.
In a special box about maintaining health on page number 32, 14 points have been mentioned under the title ‘Swasthya Rehne Ke Saral Upaye’, which includes participating in games, exercise and nutritious food.
While the third point speaks of walking, running, cycling, horse riding, swimming and other forms of sports as good to stay healthy, it goes on to categorically say that women have a choice of sweeping or mopping floors and doing daily chores to remain healthy. Women can play with kids and laugh loudly for 10 to 13 minutes daily for health.
An estimated 30,000 copies of the magazine are distributed across the state. It carries a lot of weight as teachers and principals consider it as the department’s official line or stand on what teachers should follow while teaching.
Other points in the box speak of healthy living. Addressing the hazardous effects of fast food, aerated and hard drinks, point number 13 says that consumption of liquor, tobacco along with soft drinks, namely Pepsi and Coca-Cola, should be stopped immediately.
Reacting to the contents, state education minister Vasudev Devnani said, “I will look into the matter before commenting on the issue.”
While the 14 points address both male and female teachers, the second part of the third point makes a statement, especially for women, which is seen as discriminatory by experts.

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